italia {quattro}

Our wonderful hostess, Leena, organized us a day trip to Tolfa where we had a possibility to make experiments with raku ceramics. As a teacher we had a Finnish ceramic artist, Pirjo Eronen, who lives in Tolfa. What a great experience it was! A very special day, indeed! Pirjo's awesome house, good spirit in her workshop, a delicious lunch, perfect light there amidst the mountainside forest and ofcourse so much fun to learn a bit about raku (I've not yet decent photos of my works, but later, I promise to show them. Those alphabets are mine). Our day ended up such a special way when Leena showed us an ancient volcanic bath, on one of the hills in Tolfa. It was like a heaven to let the hot, volcanic water to relax whole the body after workshop day. A very romantic place!