when the music's over

Feeling down. A bit. One of my closest and dearest friend is moving away to another city.

Hiukkasen alakuloa. Hyvä ystävä muuttaa. Ei kovin kauas onneksi, mutta silti on aika haikeaa. Eilen juhlittiin viimeistä iltaa yhdessä saman kaupungin asukkaina. Juhlitaan me kyllä jatkossakin. Sitä täytyy sitten vaan järjestellä enemmän.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Hope that you will still be able to chat or visit with your friend often.

  2. what a shame- btu then think of all the fabulous weekend breaks you can have! (lovely photos today)

  3. That sucks. My two dearest friends I made while we lived in the UK - both are still in London. Lena is Danish and Kate is English - my heart will always be torn, wherever I live.

  4. That can be really tough. I hope you don't feel down for too long and that this only strengthens your friendship!
    Best wishes to you both :-)

  5. Petits Détails, fortunately phones are existing! And the city where she moved in is quite near. Only spontaneous suffers!

    Driftwood Shack, thank you. Weekends breaks are in our minds.

    13Mimosa, almost all my dearest friends live somewhere else than me, ant that sucks indeed!

    Juddie, thank you! I'm feeling better now. Just after good-buy-parties my feelings were down. We have phoned many times after it, glad conversations.