One of my favourite "inspiration-bloggers", Maïze from Particules gave me "I love your blog... so much" -prize. Thank you, sweet Maïze for this delightful surprise and for your great blog which is always so full of lovely photos, interesting links and all the things jolly.

Here are my current favourites:

*sevenpoppies, too
*pieni vihko
*A Field Journal
*it followed me home

You have been selected and are you henceforth part of my 5 favorite blogs. To receive the prize "I love your blog", post the logo on your blog with the name and the link of my blog. Award this prize to 5 other blogs which you will have elected as your preferred blogs by putting the link towards their blog. Do not forget to warn the lucky representatives that they have been chosen and give them the procedure.

Sorry buddies, I changed the colour of the badge because my eyes wasn't able to accept an original fucshia red badge (don't get me wrong, I like fucshia red, but not in this post) here in my sedate coloured nook ;) But please, check for example La Bisquiterie to find the original fucshia one!


  1. thank you Tanja for your sweet words!
    your selection is lovely.

  2. Tänä aamuna kuvasi tuntuvat täydellisiltä. Nousevat usvasta kuin luonto täällä. Mun blogissa on sulle jotain.

  3. Krista, eikö :)

    Maïze, thank you once again! It was difficult to choose only five lovely blog-nooks but I really love those.

    Outi, ai sullakin, kiitos! Menen laittamaan espressopannun pöhisemään ja tulen sitten katsomaan.

  4. you have a lovely blog!!!

  5. Oi kiitos Tanja!!
    Olet Ihana!

    Sinun blogisi on niin kaunis. Tänne haluaa aina palata.

  6. Hieno harmaa todella! Herkku

  7. Line, your words make me smile, thanks!

    Celia, itse olet ihana!

    Neiti Nimetön, haluaisin tulla harmaan asiantuntijaksi :) Väriasiat kiinnostavat kovasti.

  8. Ihanat kuvat!

    Tässä olikin uusia blogeja mulle. Kiitos vinkieistä, ainakin viimeinen jää päivittäisseuraukseen.