girlie mood saturday morning

In betweet sweet beams of light, a girl who lives in a red-floored-home is thinking colours, as always, washing dishes, laundering, collecting pretty pictures in her scrap-book while going through piles and piles of mags and papers, lamp problems in her mind (but not seriously, just casually), listening Morrissey - oh, I think you should listen this too. Feeling productive and enthusiastic on the whole. And what's the best - without having hurry, no pressure. Drinking coffee and fondling a lovely, brown, little creature who is sitting next to her. And having a feeling it would be nice to post something airy, easy-going, neat coloured. Because it's like a girl mood saturday morning. Because the girl likes you all that much.

Well, of course you all know it's me. It's obvious. What a silly way to write! But that's because I have so good feeling after a very well slept night (ten restfull hours, yay!) that I nearly feel me different person. It's so easy to use to be tired all the time that when finally being "normal" it feels almost weird. 

Have a good saturday all!


  1. Kauniita, kauniita kuvia...ja perhostaulut ovat aina jotenkin kiehtovia.

  2. Tekstisi ja kuvasi tänään leijailevat kevyesti kuin tanssiaskeleet punaisen lattian yllä. Kiireettömästi kuten lauantaille sopii!

  3. Voi tuota kaunista lamppua ja kaikkia alukuvien kiinnostavia juttuja. Silmä lepää taas kerran.

  4. Hyvältä kuulostatte molemmat. Sinä ja Morrissey. Aina.

  5. Kirjotat kauniin vivahteikkaasti englanniksi,kuvasi myös,aina koskettavia.

  6. Onerva, haaveilen tuollaisesta perhos- tai koppistaulusta.

    kata, pikkaisen tanssahtelinkin ;)

    Liivia, mukava kuulla, että silmä lepää.

    Outi, oi kiitos! Mä en kyllä edes voi kilpailla Morrisseyn kanssa.

    Rimpsukaisa, mulle tää englanniksi kirjoittaminen on vähän haparoivaa harjoittelua. Kiitos siis!

  7. What a gorgeous blog! Your photos are divine and your writing style - like the very best honey.

  8. mimi charmante, your lovely comment is so lavish with the praise that I'm nearly blushing here :) thank you!!

  9. yes, sleep is the best medicine. May it come easily to you. Love the girly days too... this sunny Sunday morning reading Vogue magazines passed along by a friend..