better day in every way

I was visiting in the new, lovely House of Bliss. L-O-V-E-L-Y. Inspiring. Cozy and elegant. And made me wish to find such a beautiful and peaceful city apartment for myself too. That visit made me so delighted! Thank you R! You are so kind and charming and sweet and wise lady, pleasure to know! And guess what R, now when the busses comes straight from my door to your neighbourhood, I think I'll be visiting more often :)

Finishing one to-do-thing made me relieved too.

And I want to say thanks in common for your comments, because in these days I'm having hard time replying to everyone. I would want to, but you know, sometimes I just don't have time. I want you to know that I'm grateful of every cheery words of yours.


  1. Tanja, oli kertakaikkisen ihanaa kun kävit, bussi vaan suhaamaan tätä väliä :)

  2. Almonds are my favorite nut--good thing you aren't sharing that bowl with me! 8-D

  3. Glad to see that things are looking up today.

    I just discovered your blog, and am enjoying it very much!

    Hope the sweetness of the day lasts...

  4. Todellinen Sanctuary se on :) vaikken ole paikan päällä nähnytkään, blogissa vain..

    Jospa mekin pian saisimme tuollaisen kauniin cityasunnon..

  5. Luoja, miten nätti koti! Tuolla vierailessa lähtisi kyllä pahinkin masennus, varmasti.

  6. On aina kivaa nähdä 'tuttu' koti toisen linssin läpi. Olettepa onnekkaita että bussit kulkee noin hyvin!

  7. the windows in that first picture are absolutely gorgeous!

  8. i love the star in the window.
    some classy festive cheer!