Nightlife, not so very ordinary for me nowadays. But tonight I'll go out!

Tänä iltana teen jotain poikkeuksellista - menen haistelemaan yöelämää. Tällaista tapahtuu nykyään mahdottoman harvoin. Aika kivaa! Toivottavasti.


  1. Hi Tanja,
    I hope you had a lovely time out! Such pretty shoes needs dancing feets you know :)

    Always lovely pictures!

    Hugs Aina

  2. Hi, Aina! I had wonderful time with my dear friend but I have to admit that I dance rarely :) I'm just so anxious to associate and chat with friends. And on the other hand I'm more like pub type person. But anyway, we had great time: good food and good drinks (just moderate amount). Your comments are always so kind and supportive, thanks!